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About Us

H.Thomas Krantz Beekeeping Supply was started to help people affordably become beekeepers.  When I started beekeeping I was shocked that there was only  two providers of beekeeping equipment in my area, and they were way over priced.  I decided that if I wanted to grow my apiary I would have to apply my carpentry skills to making bee equipment.  Thus starting H.T. Krantz Beekeeping Supply.  We operate out of a modern woodshop with professional quality woodworking machinery.  Being a manufacturer / mail order company we currently do not have a retail location for you to browse our products.  We keep our products in a storeage warehouse as well as local pickup storage areas in Frederick City.  If you opt to place an order and schedule a pickup locally you will be picking up from one of those storage locations.  The pickup location will be determined by the time/date of the appointment. 

We are a growing small family business with a "all hands on deck" mentality during the beekeeping season.  We've seen a huge increase in orders compared to last  year as well as over 600 new beekeepers in Maryland.  During the months of Feb - June we are working 12 to 16 hour days, 7 days a week cutting woodenware, trucking lumber, milling lumber, sourcing products as well as packaging orders for shipments.  We hope you understand that the beekeeping business is seasonal and during the busy months we aren't always available to answer the phone.  The best method of contact is by using the "Contact Us" page and sending an email.  I enjoy talking with meeting every one of my customers.  If you're around Maryland, please make an appointment to stop by and talk bees!

Chris Krantz
Owner, Operater HTK



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